Hi, my name is Vika.  Here I will attempt to share with you some wisdom and will do my best to entertain your beautiful self.  I am a big believer that whatever you do should be fun.  So thank you for reading.

So, you got your shit together or you are definitely on the way there, and you know it!  You follow your inspiration and you believe in yourself.  You are still working on your job but already thinking about your own business.  You got skills to help people you just need to package them and put it out there, Right?  Or you are just waking up to the idea of time freedom and financial freedom possibility. (Notice that I have put “time freedom” first because it is more valuable than money.)

And there is one thing you didn’t quite master yet (well, maybe not one thing but one of the most important things) is taking care of your “temple”, your body. Well, you sort of have it but you don’t have it on ‘automate’ mode.  I am talking about being healthy on regular basis and with a breeze. Everything from what you eat, to what you put on your skin to your fitness routine.

Imagine if you had a regimen for all of that? And a quick one to use on a daily basis.  Something that possibly with some effort could become a habit. Something like let’s say 15 minutes a day.  Wouldn’t that make your life so much easier? Not to have to think or worry about your health because your brain took care of it already.  Now you have healthy habits. Sounds good right?


Bringing Healthy Habits Into a very Fun lifestyle

Jump on Board

Small steps to better results and more fun in life

So the goal in life (or my goal in life, feel free to borrow it) is to move forward, expand and ENJOY THE JOURNEY. Yes, enjoy the journey is the most important goal.  But you have to expand your being (be productive, fulfilled, etc.)  to truly enjoy it, right? So how do you keep moving forward with business (life responsibilities, etc.) and still enjoy it daily?  Remember, I am talking to entrepreneurs and people that have a reasonable control of their life. 1. First step, what everyone else thinks about you is none of your business! That everyone includes your partner, kids, parents, and anyone else.  And I mean that. You can NEVER fulfill YOU by worrying about how other people feel about what you do. So stop being guided by that. Follow your own guidance system.  And that is, if it doesn’t feel good to you – don’t go there no matter what anybody thinks.  Trust your gut or whatever you want to call it.  Trust it 100%. Your gut and the universe got it covered. Trust me. And come on! Wouldn’t it be nice to be YOU for a change? Arent you tired to be wearing million different hats but your own happy hat? The one that makes you happy? Just you, not someone that is worried about the kids, parents, partners, in-laws, your boss and god knows who else?  You are beautiful if you just let yourself come out.  I know it’s scary at first, but it feels so good all the time that it gets easier really fast.  And if you have a supportive community of... read more

ORGANIC – NATURAL – GMO what’s the difference?

GMO is something that particularly bothers me in foods. And here is why.  I believe it completely changes the course of nature.  I am learning more about this subject now and will be sharing this information with you. The first choice is always organic, then non-GMO, anything that says “All natural” beware of.  Usually it’s full of artificial additives. Please comments with your thoughts and what would you like to learn about when it comes to food. More on this subject you can find here.    Foodbabe is one of my sources for food investigations. Remember, you dont always have to know it all.  Find people that are experts in the particular subject and reference them.  Helps us all... read more

Why I do what I do?

Simon Sinek I am very big on understanding WHY I do WHAT I do versus just following what someone says.  Whether it’s your esthetician, fitness trainer or a dentist for that matter (the last category you can rarely trust in this country unfortunately). We are usually just told what to do and once that esthetician, fitness instructor, chiropractor or any other professional gone we don’t know what to do.  No one really tells you why things work the way they work so they don’t loose their bread and butter.  Well,  times have changed!  And I am on the mission to really educate myself and share it with my people about how our bodies really work, what is good for them and what is not.  In a simple language. NEW RULE: From now on we know why we work out and how it affects us, what should go on our skin and what shouldn’t and why, what we eat and don’t and why.  You don’t have to follow it but if you do – your life will be much happier and longer.  And that’s what i want for my peeps. And of course this all is a part of the “wonderful system” that we’ve been raised in and shuffled through so no one asks questions.  The system that teaches you to go to school, get good grades, go to college (and get in debt for the rest of your life) so then you can graduate and work a minimums wage job.  Just do what you told and don’t ask any questions.  We all forgot how to think for ourselves, Including my wonderful self!  I was... read more